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The Fitness Charlatan Playbook: Volume 2

re you tired of making money by genuinely helping people? Is that moral compass weighing you down? Well, look no further than the Fitness Charlatan Playbook! For the low, low price of your morals, you too can reach the soaring heights of social media infamy. There is a charlatan for every season, and no doubt…

Hoescience: Women’s Health in the Social Media Age

The great Dom Mazzetti pioneered the Broscience Movement (50% fact, 50% magic, 100% results) during the great Fitspo Revolution of the 2010s. Broscience dominated the weight room, with chicken, broccoli and bicep curls becoming the holy trinity of fitness. Once low-rise jeans and heroin chic became trite, misogyny and body dysmorphia needed a new home.…

The Princess Diaries Effect: Transformation Photos/Videos

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a female fat loss transformation specialist. Why It Matters: Social Media & Body Image Social media is well-established to have a profound effect on our eating behaviour [1]. This is particularly evident in the fitness sphere, with fitsporation content consistently linked across…


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