Navigating “What I Eat In A Day” Videos

“What I Eat In A Day” (WIEIAD) videos are a quick way to up your Instagram engagement, and garner follows and likes. However, WIEIAD videos and posts, no matter how well-intentioned also have a rather sinister undercurrent.

Dietary Mistakes Hampering Your Running Performance

So, you’re training for distance. Be it a 10k, half-marathon or even the whole 42km, endurance running is no joke. If you’re a first timer, or even a seasoned veteran, struggling with a plateau is incredibly frustrating. Or so, I’ve heard (I’m not a runner by any stretch). If you’ve tried all the training strategiesContinue reading “Dietary Mistakes Hampering Your Running Performance”

Nutrition for Injured Athletes II: Macronutrients

So, you’re injured. Fear not. In the time you have finished reading this, I will most likely have also sustained an injury of some description, so you don’t have to go it alone. Part I discussed the role of energy balance in injury and recovery, and hopefully from reading that you understand some of the fundamentals. We want to limit the catabolic processes of injury – and tailoring our macronutrient intake can play a huge role.

Keto & Endurance Performance: Reviewing a Key Paper

Long time, no nerding. Ketogenic diets have grown in popularity in recent years. Literature is at odds as to the success of ketogenic diets for performance. So, what better way to discuss this than to get stuck into a key research paper? The article in question comes from a 2017 article in Metabolism, and canContinue reading “Keto & Endurance Performance: Reviewing a Key Paper”

Creaqueens Part I: Female-Specific Creatine Supplementation Benefits

Creatine is one of the most well-researched supplements on the market. It has potential benefit for athletic performance, body composition and even cognitive function. It’s no surprise creatine is a hugely popular supplement. However, like most supplements, the majority of studies supporting its use are carried out only on males. Is creatine as effective for women?